Lensball Bag

$19 $24

The bag that carries the balls.

Every Lensball already comes with a soft microfiber pouch. But, we have been bombarded with requests to create a sturdy professional looking camera bag for your Lensball.

So, after months of prototyping, here is what we got:

  • Smooth black velvet inside
  • Space grey neoprene outside
  • Matte black metal buckle, stopper, and size-adjust
  • Grade-A stitching/finish
  • A belt loop
  • White Lensball glyph logo on the front
  • Lensball Mount fits inside

The Lensball bags hold your Lensball snugly, can withstand any weather and will look great with your other photography equipment!

We only have 2500 bags available

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