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Enter to Win $30K With
Lensball's International
Photo Contest!

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Win Up To $30K With Lensball’s International Photo Contest!

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Enter to Win $30K With Lensball's International Photo Contest!

What Is The Lensball International Photo Contest?

The Lensball International Photo Contest is an international competition where Lensball photographers practise their Lensball photography skills, submit their favorite shots, and win up to $30,000!

Lensball’s goal throughout this contest is to share the magic that Lensball enables people to experience all over the world. It also aims to liven up the Lensball community, to highlight the talented Lensball photographers that exist within our community and showcase their breathtaking shots and masterful skills. It is a space for all Lensball photographers to feel welcome – beginners and experts alike.

The contest will take place from March 1 to mid-June of this year. There are three rounds, where in each, participants are encouraged to submit their best entries. Each round lasts for one month, and at the end of each round, the top entries will be chosen to advance to the next level.

During the final phase, all of your favorite photos will be cut down to the top 10 through a round of voting by all members of the Lensball community. Once the top 10 has been decided, there will be another round of community voting to finalize the top three. Here, our expert judges will take part in selecting the top three photos.

Major cash prizes will be awarded to the winners

  • First place: $30,000
  • Second place: $15,000
  • Third place: $5,000

What Are The Rules Of The Contest?

Here are the contest rules that determine whether you are eligible to participate in Lensball’s International Photo Contest: 

1. Be a Lensball Community Member 

The first step to being eligible to participate in the contest is being a Lensball Community Member! A Lensball community member is defined as someone who has purchased and/or has received a verified Lensball. If you don’t yet have your own, simply purchase a Lensball Pocket or a Lensball Pro from either our website or from your preferred eCommerce platform.

Remember that you must be able to provide proof of purchase of the Lensball you own.

 2. Over 18 Years Old

You need to be over the age of 18 to be eligible to join. 

3. One Photo Per Round 

There are three rounds for this contest. Each round is represented by a theme that determines the style that you should photograph according to. The rounds are as follows: Indoor, Night, and Outdoor.

For each round, the participant is allowed to submit one entry only. Multiple submissions are not allowed. That means that for the duration of the contest, each participant is allowed to submit one photo per round or a total of three photos.

We advise you to take as many Lensball photos as you can! Once you have a nice selection, choose the one that you believe has the best chance of landing you a spot in the top 25!

 4. One Vote Per Photo

Increase your chances of winning by asking your friends and family to vote for your submission. Each person can vote for as many times as he/she would like but cannot vote more than one time per photo per round. A person can vote if they are a participant or just browsing. By doing this, we ensure that we spread our love and support to all the numerous submissions that are sent in.

For more information about the contest, as well as important dates and times to keep in mind, check it out here.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t miss the chance to win exciting cash prizes while doing something you love! Join the contest, give it your best shot, and pick up helpful Lensball photography tips along the way! Get inspired by the thousands of breathtaking shots and share the love with Lensball.

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Lensball welcomes community members from every part of the world to participate in our 2021 International Photography Contest.

A Lensball community member is defined as someone who has purchased and/or has received a verified Lensball.

All contest participants must be over 18 years old in order to participate.

Each round, contest participants will be allowed to submit ONE photo entry taken with their Lensball that they believe is their best photographic image, and which matches the theme of the month. Each round has a unique theme, and a defined start and end date. In total, contest participants may submit three photos altogether, one for each category.

Each voting round, contest participants have the opportunity to increase votes by sharing their photo and requesting votes from friends, community members, followers, etc. Each person, whether they are a contest participant, or just interested in browsing the submissions, has the ability to vote for each photo ONCE per round. There is no limit on the amount of votes as a whole per round, only limit to votes per unique photo (contest entry). By doing this, we ensure that we spread our love and support to all the numerous submissions that are sent in. Each voting period commences once the round of photo submissions has concluded, and lasts for a unique period of time.

All submission entries can be used by Lensball for commercial and marketing purposes related and unrelated to the contest itself. This includes, but is not limited to, features on our website and social media.

Lensball has the right to disqualify any contest participant if they do not meet contest criteria, including inability to provide original proof of purchase of their Lensball product(s). Lensball also reserves the right to disqualify any community-based votes if they have been found to be suspicious as a result of tampering, false votes or site manipulation (hacking).