We make a photography accessory that helps both professional and amateur photographers get more creative in their shots. Lensball is based in Enschede, the Netherlands, and with our small team we were the first to create and sell a crystal ball specifically for photography.


After seeing some creative photographers experiment with imperfect glass balls, we wondered how hard it would be to make a ball with the same crazy effect, but the quality of a professional lens. We got in contact with many glass manufacturers, and found out much could be improved. We switched out the cheap glass that was being used for a more expensive crystal glass, ensured the finest polishing, and added very strict quality control. The results from our first customers were absolutely amazing, and with their pictures circulating on the internet new customers followed quickly. We added nice packaging and a carrying pouch, and quickly turned Lensball into a complete brand. Today we still manage everything with a small group of friends from our office in the Netherlands, but we added a production site in China, and many freelancers from all over the world to help us with all the operations reaching from design to customer support and marketing.


People photograph and share more and more of their life. Because so many people share so much content, it's sometimes hard to not be boring. The camera only points one way, but often it's the whole experience you want to capture. It's so easy to take your phone out, point it in the best direction and shoot, but with Lensball you need to go out there, find beautiful environments, and get creative. We love creative photography, and seeing more and more people use our tool to get creative is an amazing experience.