Photographers are Using This Method to Create Better Photos

Have you heard of the latest trick to create amazing photos? Hint: it involves using Lensball. The Original Lensball Pro is taking up the photography world by a storm. It’s such a handy tool to create impressive photos in an instant. There’s no need for expensive camera gear upgrades or drastic adjustments in your camera settings.

What Is Lensball?

Lensball is a crystal ball that you place before your camera lens. It distorts the scene or subject so that it gets contained into the glass ball. It creates such a unique-looking photo, much like a fish-eye effect, with minimal efforts. The crystal has high light transmittance and light-refracting features that create a spherical image. The crystal ball is also scratch free so it won’t compromise the quality of your photos. It even comes with a microfiber plush bag to keep it scratch-, dust-, and fingerprint-free when not in use.

The best part is that anyone can use it, from beginner to professional photographers. The Original Lensball Pro is perfect for professionals. There’s also the slightly smaller Lensball Pocket that is perfect for hobbyists and beginners.


How To Use The Original Lensball Pro

  1. Keep the ball steady

    Keep the ball steady
    The most important tip is to keep the ball from moving. You should also keep in mind that it’s made of crystal. Its clear surface can easily get scratched if you’re not careful. That’s why it is advisable to use the Lens Ball Mount to keep the ball steady before you take shots. This mount can be screwed on to any camera tripod. Make sure that the tripod is on a stable surface with no risks of toppling over. Place the ball on top and then start taking photos.

  2. Keep the ball close

    Keep the ball close
    Remember that the Lensball creates a wide-angle effect that will make objects within appear further. That means that if you’re focusing on a specific subject, it’s a good idea to go closer to the subject so that it will appear bigger in the ball and in the viewfinder. In this way, you won’t lose any crucial details that make up a good photo.

  3. Maintain good photo composition

    Maintain good photo composition
    The correct photo composition will make your Lensball shot look amazing without being too crowded. The first tip is to use the refraction to your advantage. Refraction will make the image appear inverted in the ball. You can just flip this in post-processing or keep it as it is. The next tip is to keep the subject inside the ball. Make sure that the entire subject fits in the ball and won’t get cut off. The last tip is to use manual focus to have full control over the way the photo comes out.

  4. Set the aperture open

    Set the aperture open
    This creates a shallow depth of field so that the viewer’s focus is on the ball and the image inside it. You can do this by adjusting the aperture to the lowest setting possible. This blurs the background of the ball and create a gorgeous bokeh effect.

  5. Lighting is important

    Lighting is important
    The general rule is to keep your subject well-lit in order to eliminate shadows, grain, and to make the details pop. Nothing beats natural light but you can make do with studio light for smaller subjects. Avoid using the ball in too much direct sunlight because it can create distracting reflections or sun flares in your image.

  6. Explore the different angles

    Explore the different angles.
    You can shoot amazing photos by placing the Lensball directly before your camera lens, but why not explore the other angle options? The ball can create unique-looking images from different points of view. Try taking photos from the top or the bottom of the ball.