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Best Instagram Alternative
Apps For iOS and Android

Here are 12 of the most in-demand Instagram
substitute apps you should check out now!

Photographers throughout the globe have been seeking Instagram alternative apps to pour their art into since Instagram is now extremely populated, and the focus on photography isn’t the same as before. Both aspiring and professional camera enthusiasts in our very own Lensball Photoblog Community look forward to honing their craft and gathering photography accessories to better their expertise in taking images. Hence, in the same manner, they also aim to broaden their perspective in art and reach audiences they haven’t discovered. Among the best examples are Lensball photographers. Since Instagram has long been condensed with people of different niches, it’s harder to build a community solely of your own field.

Instagram is indeed one of the most used social media platforms in the world as of today. Further, it is undeniable that it is also the most widely used photo sharing and editing mobile app to ever exist. eMarketer has forecasted last 2020 that Instagram will surpass 1.074 billion monthly active users this year, 2022. Looking back and realizing Instagram was founded less than ten years ago and its Android version only first debuted in 2012, the figures as to how quickly IG's community is growing sounds even more astounding. As a result of this rapid increase, people have been hunting Instagram alternative apps to expand their social presence. While others are dissatisfied with the recent privacy policy updates, others have lost interest in Instagram after Facebook got the ownership of the platform.

lensball photography
lensball photography

Instagram has always been transparent that the platform has evolved away from its roots as a photo-sharing tool. Its historic past as a leader of mobile phone photography has faded, and the company is now centered on contending with TikTok and YouTube as a medium for entertainment and retail. Users would be better-suited publishing photographs elsewhere, and Instagram's unsuitability with the main goal of photo and art sharing will only grow as it evolves to include more buying options and even more video content.

There are lots of apps to try for people who need something new rather than just browsing through a repository of photos, videos, and other mundane content. Below is a list of Instagram-like applications with creative new features and improved content to discover.

Best Instagram Alternative Apps to Try this 2022 

  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • 500px
  • Tumblr
  • Imgur
  • VSCO
  • Squadcam
  • Flickr
  • Gala
  • Triller
lensball photography

We've compiled a list of the best Instagram alternatives for mobile for you to see which platform or application will suit you best depending on your form of art. Keep reading to know more.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is more than just a platform for individuals to plan events and gather cuisines and creative ideas. This app has several features that may be useful to niche users. In fact, if you like Instagram's aesthetic impact, Pinterest’s sleek and eye-pleasing platform will have you hyped up. Further, if you use Instagram to discover new innovative ideas, Pinterest will provide you with far more relevant information. It's typically used to generate creative ideas and tips on a variety of topics, including activities, travels, photography or film ideas, style and trends, house interior, and a variety of other topics. You can create a personal account, craft and fill boards based on specific topics you like, and pin photos to these boards. Among the features that this app lacks in comparison to Instagram is the option to "repin" or save ideas from other users. These so-called pins can also redirect users to other websites, allowing them to click on the pins to learn more.

2. TikTok

Download TikTok right if you'd like to see more originality than Instagram Reels. Almost all clips in every platform have a chance to go viral on a daily basis, but recently, a big portion of them have come from a specific source: TikTok. It is a social media platform focused on creators that make a range of short-form videos, ranging in length from fifteen seconds to three minutes, in genres such as dancing, humor, and education. This incredibly popular video-centered software is all the latest craze these days, with individuals from across the globe using it to both receive and generate content. You can also benefit from cutting-edge social media tools like Remix Reels, in-app audio, AR effects, and more. TikTok may lack the ability to submit conventional posts, but that is the only flaw this platform has. Here you can also use the Direct Message function, so you can communicate straight to people.

instagram alternative apps by lensball

3. Twitter

Instagram now is a social media platform, not a photography-sharing platform. Given the ongoing growth of social media, IG's news about expanding and catering to different content types should come as no surprise and should serve as a reminder that broadening your digital presence is always a good idea if you have the effort to do so. Luckily, Twitter is not high-maintenance plus it has some great photo-sharing opportunities, making it a fantastic Instagram substitute. By building your profile and finding the right niche audience, your photographs will never be redundant for this platform.

4. Snapchat

Is it more important for you to interact with your audience publicly or to cultivate bonds with them in private? If you want to connect with your audience in a public setting, Instagram is the way to go, whereas Snapchat is the way to go if you'd like to build relationships in private.

Simply take a photo or record a short video to share as a Snapchat story with your friends, and it will be completely removed after 24 hours. If you enjoy the concept of transitory posts, Snapchat may be the ideal social media app for you, as all photographs and videos you share on it, whether through chatting or stories, will ultimately vanish within a set period of time.

instagram alternative apps as suggested by lensball
instagram alternative apps by lensball

5. 500px

500px is a well-known photo-sharing medium, especially for aspiring and professional photographers. While there is a mobile app of it, the website was designed with PC users in mind. Even though it uses an identical algorithm to IG, the platform is more centered on outstanding photographs instead of the mix of mundane stuff found on IG. This is how 500px works: you, the user, upload a photo. This image appears in the Fresh stream, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Other photographers are keeping an eye on new captures to gather inspiration for their next shoot. They will give your photograph a "like" if you did a great job with your shoot. The "pulse" on 500px is a real and accurate indication of the quality of the work you publish. It also keeps you and your audience hooked. Here, the likes you get, specifically if you don't have much of an audience, are mainly real expressions of the community appreciating what you made. Because of its major focus on the photography community, 500px is an appealing alternative if you're seeking a photo-sharing network other than typical social media.

6. Tumblr 

Tumblr is a popular blogging network that is mostly focused on photo and GIF sharing. It is among the most adaptable social media platforms available, and it makes posting and interacting with your audience more intimate than ever. Here, you can upload almost any sort of content you desire, and you can even make your layout look like a real blog when browsed on the web. You can produce text posts, audio posts, conversations, photosets, and others as you follow fellow Tumblr users. What's best is that you can reblog their posts to your own Tumblr blog. A Tumblr profile is akin to building your own website. Users can personalize it with styles and create unique URLs that everyone can view on the web. Users on Instagram mobile share images and the world is granted instant access to their Instagram photos. On Tumblr, however, users have no influence over the photos they see, They will only have control over the page they see them on.

instagram alternative apps as suggested by lensball
instagram alternative apps by lensball

7. Imgur

Instagram users are more centered on following people that post edited scenes of their lifestyles, In Imgur, however, users post enjoyable, relevant, and often artsy content and frequently engage with not-so-serious responses. The minimalism of Imgur is one of the reasons people like the platform. It’s simple to submit a photo, and you can share it on a variety of platforms, including forums and Twitter. You can also alter your images directly on your computer. Modify the image you post however you want: crop, rotate, and scale the image as needed. It's a fantastic feature that's made with such ease. Imgur is a preferred photo hosting site by lots of people, and it is highly recommended for entertainment. One of the best features of the platform is that it allows endless uploading, so you won't have to worry about overposting at all.


VSCO. This generation of teenagers is no new to social media. New social media apps come up all the time, but IG, which is a decade old, and its younger sibling, VSCO, which is considerably younger, have created an unparalleled reputation for themselves as photo and video tools.

Despite the fact that VSCO and Instagram are very similar, users of each platform prefer one over other famous social media apps. To begin with, VSCO has without a doubt the best presets for any kind of photograph. VSCO is mainly focused on graphic editing. The app's sophisticated editing lab makes it simple for anyone to alter their shots to their hearts' content. The main difference between Instagram and VSCO is that VSCO does not focus on numbers to monitor how the audience engages with your photos.

You may share your work, interact with other creators, participate in photo challenges, and find a plethora of original content inside the network. Further, you may filter material using tags, location, and other specifics to find exactly what you're looking for.

instagram alternative apps as suggested by lensball
instagram alternative apps by lensball

9. SquadCam

SquadCam is a wholly made-in-India social networking app that was launched on July 25th, 2020. It is built between the features of WhatsApp and Instagram. Despite the fact that SquadCam incorporates many of the features found in WhatsApp and Instagram, the focus is on improving the contact between friends and family by providing novel functionality and fun features in that environment.

Upon opening SquadCam's platform, users can use the camera and chat functionalities on the first page. According to the platform's developers, a distinctive element of the app that they want users to utilize is the various sharing choices. SquadCam has a significant edge over other messaging software in terms of its conversation functionality, as well as its various sharing features. This design concept is one-of-a-kind in this time and day.

10. Flickr 

Flickr, like Instagram and other photo-sharing apps, includes a news feed. Unlike Instagram that pushes all your former pictures down, Flickr takes the time to catalog and categorize your photographs, as well as organizing them into galleries. This means that if you're seeking a certain photo you've submitted to Flickr, you can discover it just as simple as you could the day it was published. Evidently, Instagram doesn't hold your precious images in such high regard. When you take a shot and submit it to IG, it automatically takes over the top slot in your feed, covering all of your previous photographs below. Your earlier photos have accumulated so far down the feed that scrolling down and accessing them will require an eternity. This requires finding for a certain shot from a year ago quite tough.

instagram alternative apps as suggested by lensball
instagram alternative apps by lensball

11. Gala 

Gala, an iOS-only app that debuted in May 2022, has a simple UI that is somehow inspired by the original Instagram. From the time you install and join the community up to the time you submit your first photo, it will take you just a few minutes. Gala takes your iOS profile as your login. The app being easy to use is one of the features you will love as you grow into the platform. This has two advantages: they don't gather your personal information or location data, and you get to take advantage of Apple's renewed effort to preserve security and privacy. Gala is built to organically get your content to as many users as possible. This way, you won't have to spend excessive money on ads, choose the best time of day to publish, construct an Instagram hashtag roster, engage in engagement forums, or build a huge following list beforehand; simply publish what you want, when you want, and Gala will handle the rest.

12. Triller

Triller is a quick video content app similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels, but with a few key distinctions. It's essentially a music video app that allows users to shoot a clip to a song fragment. It was branded as an app that “empowers people to appreciate the process of music video creation,” allowing users to craft their own premium music videos to share with their audience. It has been around longer than TikTok and was streamlined as an app that highlights the music video creation process, allowing users to create their own premium music videos to share anywhere. Triller began transitioning from a video-making tool to a sole social media platform by including a feed where users could search and connect with other users as well as view and scroll through videos.

instagram alternative apps as suggested by lensball

Building a Strong Presence Online 

Regardless of your niche, establishing your digital presence requires hard work. If you’re a photographer looking to build a profile that showcases the beauty of your craft, any of the Instagram alternative apps above are highly recommended for you. This involves Lensball users and the whole community. Seeking better options is way better than sticking to just one platform. If you want to know more, learn about Lensball here.

No other Instagram alternative apps can suit you better than the other unless you try them. Bear in mind to pour your effort, time, and resources where they'll make the most value for you. Once you find the right fit, you won't have to worry about algorithms and targeting the right audience.

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