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How to Use A Lensball -
Photography Ideas
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Know how to get the best in every photo
through the use of Lensball! 

Know how to get the best in every photo through the use of Lensball!
Photography is constant no matter what circumstance. Due to the re-opening of famous landmarks all over the world, the activity is slowly regaining its momentum. This is why professional and aspiring photographers are gathering ideas on how to fine-tune their craft to inspire a broader audience. Hence, they look for essential photography gadgets like Lensball. Camera accessories for shooting photographs are excellent must-haves to your overall photography setup. It's best to look for tools that are compatible with both your DSLR or smartphone. Either way, these gadgets will make your creative craft more pleasing. What’s best is that these make great presents for your friends and loved ones.

Hence, all you have to do now is come up with exceptional ideas for your shoots. Among the photography accessories to gain attention these past few years is the Lensball. In fact, Lensball has the exact brilliance as a pro lens, allowing it to become the ideal complement accessory to your photography stack. Through the principle of refraction, Lensball provides magnificent visuals because of its unconventional shape. Lensball is remarkably ideal for nature and scenery photography. A Lensball has the ability to transform one regular view into a spectacular craft, so you may experiment with this camera must-have on mundane things and be astounded by your results.

lensball photography
lensball photography

Lensball Tutorial 101: Basics of How to Use Crystal Ball for Photography

1. Get your own Lensball.
2. Go out and explore.
3. Assess the best angles possible.
4. Learn the places beforehand.
5. Get the proper lighting.
6. Keep your Lensball clean.
7. Heed the Lensball’s guidelines at all times.
8. Get complimentary accessories for your Lensball.

1. Get your own Lensball.

Before anything else, ensure that you’re ready to conquer the world of photography through the eyes of your own Lensball. Tap onto a plethora of show-stopping ideas when you get your hands on this stunning crystal ball camera accessory. Select whether you want a Lensball small enough to fit inside your pocket or one big enough to showcase every beauty of a certain moment. Perhaps you desire a crystal ball in the regular size, come browse every size choice here. There’s a Lensball crafted to fit your art sophistication and requirement.

lensball photography
lensball photography

2. Go out and explore.

Have you noticed how many artists, especially photographers, are enthralled by the natural world? Regardless if we are experts in other fields, very few can say no to a beautiful flower or a cluster of fallen, crisp leaves. Among the best aspects of shooting in nature centers on how simple it is. It's everywhere around you, so it's unnecessary to go beyond your limits to discover it. Since you see it every day, you may take it for granted, but with Lensball, even your own yard is an art goldmine. You just have to believe in the power of this crystal ball accessory. Trust that every moment of the day, every day of the year, and every turn of the leaf has something unique to give.

3. Assess the best angle. 

One of the simplest ways to add appeal and diversity to your photographs is to use creative camera angles.

Angles are simple. It is not a big deal if you don't know how to use your camera well. To radically adjust the perspective of your shot, simply move your camera higher or lower. You can always generate more unique images by altering the camera or shooting angle, no matter what camera or lens you're using. This can also be applied with a smartphone.

You will observe a sharper and much detailed shot if your camera lens is far away from the crystal ball. However, if you want to remove the background, you can come close to the focus subject to achieve an even more warped effect. Additionally, because you will be near your Lensball throughout the shooting, most probably holding it, your hands or other parts of the body may be caught in the frame. Make sure you have enough space to let Lensball shine on its own.

To prevent this, place the ball on a Lensball stand or experiment with the positioning. You can rid yourself of too much backdrop in the photograph by resting the Lensball on an elevated space, or a Lensball stand.

lensball photography
lensball photography

4. Learn the places beforehand. 

Always keep in mind that each subject is an individual with their own characteristics. This is what keeps them so intriguing, and it's something you should strive for in each photo you shoot. A key aspect of this is deciding on an appropriate location.

If you plan to shoot outside, it's best to stay away from the bright open sky, which forms harsh silhouettes. Look for a light source of shade to keep your Lensball safe, such as a huge tree or a covered seating area, where the sun is softer and more appealing. Shoot early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun isn't as strong.

If you're shooting indoors, attempt to place your subject near a wide window to maximize the amount of natural light available. You can supplement this with artificial lights if necessary, depending on your budget and the tools you have on hand.

5. Get the right lighting. 

Getting extra creative with lights and shadows is one of the best things to explore when shooting photographs. Your success will be determined by how you highlight your subject. Using the appropriate photographing approach can make a significant difference in the quality of your photos.

However, considering the risks, playing under the sun can be tricky. Although it's improbable, remember that like a magnifying glass, crystal balls can cause a fire if unattended under direct sunlight. Make it a practice to keep your Lensball in its respective bag away from sunlight while you're not using it.

lensball photography
lensball photography

6. Keep your Lensball clean. 

Lensball is a one-of-a-kind product. Lots of photographers have been using it, saying it's worth the switch from normal to Lensball photography. However, everything exceptional must be cared for in order for it to last and be safe. It's crucial to remember that you're carrying around a crystal sphere that the weight and size varies, depending on the Lensball you own. Make sure the pouch or bag you're keeping it in has your Lensball secured and safe when you're moving it around.

7. Heed the Lensball’s guidelines at all times. 

Lensball is made from K9 crystal, a lens-grade, optically clear crystal, often used in optics and lenses. This allows you to shoot the sharpest possible image. The 60mm Lensball, Lensball Pocket, weighs 250g (0.55lbs), the 80mm Lensball, Lensball Pro, weighs 650g (1.45lbs), and the 100mm Lensball, Lensball Ultimate, weighs 1631g (3.6lbs). It differs in size, so ensure that you have just the right materials to protect it with. It's highly ideal that when the Lensball is not in use, you store it in its black microfiber bag. This way, you can preserve the life and quality of your Lensball. To secure your Lensball fully, you can get an Extended Warranty. If your item is damaged within the first year, you can request a product replacement and pay only for the shipping costs. You can learn more about the extended warranty offer here.

lensball photography

8. Get complimentary accessories for your Lensball. 

Lensball is indeed great on its own, but it’ll be greater once you have the right accessories to accompany it.
Below are the top Lensball accessories you should get for yourself:

lensball mount

1. The Lensball Mount

The Rubber Lensball Mount is a useful tool for keeping your Lensball from rolling away. It can be easily attached to any tripod. The anodized metal base is scratch-resistant and long-lasting. The Lensball is held in place by a silicone suction cup, so you won't have to worry about the wind blowing it away.

2. The Lensball Bag

Every Lensball is accompanied by a premium bag. Below are exceptional features you should know:

  • Smooth black velvet material to protect the ball inside
  • Space grey neoprene material outside
  • Matte black metal buckle, stopper, and size-adjust
  • Grade-A stitching/finish
  • A belt loop
  • White Lensball glyph logo on the front
  • Lensball Mount can also fit inside
  • Lensball bags hold your Lensball snugly and can withstand any weather
lensball bag
lensball stand

3. The Lensball Crystal Stand

The Glass Lensball Stand is crafted out of a solid cube of K9 crystal. We obtain the same stunningly smooth finish as our Lensball with nine separate polishing procedures. This Stand will look fantastic in your Lensball shots and will complement both sizes well!

4. The Lensball Wood Stand

The combination of wood and crystal is meticulously crafted. This stand will be an excellent addition for anyone who enjoys nature and outdoor photography. Here are the features of the wood stand:

  • Cherry wood is used for the stand
  • A matte varnish was applied three times to ensure shine and quality
  • Each stand is made and polished by hand
  • Each stand's bottom has been meticulously burned with the Lensball emblem, ensuring its uniqueness
lensball wood stand

Learn Lensball Photography in a Few Clicks

If you want to learn more about Lensball photography, there are photography courses offered for you. Perfect for both aspiring and professionals photographers. Here are some worth checking out:

lensball photography

Ultimate Lensball Course

This course will teach you everything you need to know about Lensball photography, from the fundamentals to advanced methods that will astound you. The course is suitable for photographers of all kinds and covers lessons for both smartphone and DSLR photographers.

Nights Eye In London Course

This course, on the other hand, will guide you through everything you need to know to produce stunning long exposure shots effective during the night. Learn how to turn the ordinary into something beautiful with Lensball’s Nights Eye in London Course. It’s not too late to learn innovative photography ideas this 2022. Know how to use a Lensball today and start developing your craft!

lensball photography

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